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Purchased direct from Jacob Poortvliet, Holland - February 2017

Last daughter ever sold from Jacob Pootvliet's International winner 'Blue Thunder' 1st Sens, 16,572 birds when paired to 'Georgina' nestmate to No.1 Breeding cock 'Georgio'!

Granddaughter to Thunder Heart Woman 1st Ace Bird Long Distance Combine, 42nd. National Ace Bird Long Distance NPO, 7th NPO La Ferte 13,404 birds, 17th NPO Albis 11,945 birds, 17th NPO Orleans 8,538 birds. Dam to 1st International 16,572 birds.

Aunt to 'Gina' 8 x 1st, 6 x 2nd for Jacob Poortvliet,1st Ace Bird Middle Distance Fed. (16 clubs) 2015, 1st Ace Bird Middle Distance Fed. 2016, 1st Ace Bird Short Distance overall, 4th Provincial Ace bird SD + MD 2015, 10th Provinical Ace Bird SD + MD 2016, 2nd Zutphen 7,955 birds, 2nd Duffel - 1,145 birds, 2nd Gennep - 450 birds, 8th Quievrain - 3,339 birds, 12th Provincial Zandvliet - 19,893 birds, 16th Laon - 6,586 birds, 16th Asse Zellik - 3,875 birds, 88th Provincial Quievrain - 20,464 birds, 89th Provincial Sittard - 10,703 birds, 122nd Provincial La Louviere - 17,288 birds.

Aunt to 'Georgio Armani' SAMDPR Entrant in 2016 winning 1st Training 2 - 4,000 birds, 6th Training 12 - 2,300 birds, 8th Hot Spot 3 - 2,400 birds, 9th Hot Spot 1 - 3,000 birds, 84th Hot Spot 2 - 2,800 birds

Aunt to 'Money in the Bank' - Sire of the SAMPDR Car winner in Hotspot 5, 2016 & Co winner of 3 pigeon Challenge Hotspot 3.

Aunt to 'Golden Black Leo' - 15th Ace Bird Fed. 2015 competing 5,900 birds. 6th Quievrain - 5,913 birds, 22nd Tongeren - 1,802 birds, 81st Provincial Zandvliet - 19,893 birds, 83rd Hapert - 13,553 birds

1/2 Sister to ´Blackpool´ who bred 14th Final French Derby OLR 2016

Sire:- 'Blue Thunder' 1st NU Sens 16,572 birds, 4th Ace Bird Short Distance Fed, 10th Ace Bird Middle Distance Fed, 35th Prov. Tongeren 8,939 birds, 79th Prov. Auby 12,133 birds, Sire to 6th prize winner Poland One Loft Race.

Dam:- 'Georgina' Dam to 2nd Ace Bird Middle Distance Club, 14th Ace Bird Middle Distance Fed., 14th Prov. Zandvliet 19,893 birds, 49th Laon 6,586 birds. Nestmate to Jacob Poortvliet No.1 breeding pigeon 'Georgio'. Sire & G.Sire to many winners including 'Gina', 'Georgio Armani', Money in the Bank' 'Golden Black Leo', Dafne 915/14, 'George', Do 723/15, 'Broer Gina', 'Blackpool, 'Sister Gina', '619/12'. He is a Grandson of Leo Heremans famous 'Olympiad 003', Olympiad Ace Bird Lievin 2003, 2nd National Ace Bird Short Distance KBDB 2002.


N/A - Purchased direct from Jacob Poortvliet - February 2017



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