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Purchased direct from A & L Painter - September 2017.

Direct Son of their Fantastic stock cock the 'Golden Cock' when paired to a daughter of Full Set, Homoform Bird of the Year 2013, 16 x 1st,West Midland Region Sprint Champion when paired to Pink Eyes 9 x 1st!

Half Brother to Van Persie - 10 x 1st, 2 x 1st Federation and West Midlands Region Award Winner

Half Brother to Pencil Pied 9 x 1st for A & L Painter including 1st Federation also Sire and G.Sire of winners including 2nd Open East Down Combine.

Half Brother to Portland Lass 2 x 1st, 5th Open MCC Portland

Half Brother to Jaap Stam 1st club 5th Fed Wolverhampton

Half Brother to Lady Voets 4 x 1st as a YB including 1st Section 1,976 birds,1st Federation 3,925 birds

The Golden Cock is Sire, G.Sire to club, Fed and Open winners including 2 RPRA award winners! This cock is breeding winners galore!

A full Brother to the Golden Cock bred Fibbersley Princess 1st Open Midland Classic Continental Open Race.

The Golden Cock is Sire to Van Persie, 10 x 1st, 2 x 1st Federation and West Midlands Region Award Winner. He bred Jumbo 3 x 1st, 1st Sect 1413 birds, 4th Fed 3054 birds, 2nd Sect 1121 birds, 5th Fed 1622 birds, 3rd Sect 934 birds, 3rd Fed 2286 birds, 3rd Sect 1748 birds, 4th Fed 3235 birds, 3rd Section 1131 birds (beat on a decimal), 3rd Federation 2698 birds (beat on a decimal), 2nd Bridgtown Open
RPRA award winner in 2016 for the Painter partnership.

Van Persie also bred Lazy, 3 x 1st, 2 x 1st Federation, 1 x 2nd Fed winner who is also Granddam to Harry's Boy, winner of 6 x 1st, 3 x 2nd and won Champion Young Bird of of his RPRA region! Another cock from Van Persie has won 9 x 1st for A & L Painter including 1st Federation.
Van Persie bred 1st Club, 1st Section E 4,923 birds, 23rd Open NIPA against 18,313 birds just a couple of weeks ago.





Sire to:-

6th Club, 76 birds, 54 miles - 18V 32927

3rd Club, 89 birds, 6th Federation, 1,011 birds, 54 miles - 18V 32927

14th Club, 38th Federation, 1,649 birds, 88 miles - 18V 32927

1st Club, 203 birds, 22nd Federation, 1,373 birds, 88 miles - 18V 32927

28th Section, 64th National, 513 birds, 263 miles - 18V 32944

1st Club, 269 birds, 88 miles - 18V 32963

4th Club, 28th Federation, 2,981 birds, 56 miles - 19A 44913

23rd Federation, 4,323 birds, 68 miles - 19A 44923

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Rasbull 76 - Currently at stock

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Rasbull 68 - Currently at stock

Rasbull 89 - Currently at stock


Grand Sire to:-

4th Club, 4th Federation, 844 birds, 54 miles - 19A 44921

7th Club, 7th Federation, 844 birds, 54 miles - 19A 44918

3rd Club, 207 birds, 72 miles - 19A 44908




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