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Rasbull Lofts - A.Shepherd & Son

Home of the Rasbull Rockets!





Won 1st Club, 3rd Federation, 2nd Section, 4th National, 1,976 birds, 263 miles.

Won 2nd Club, 7th Federation, 2,134 birds, 67 miles.

Won 4th Club, 198 birds, 135 miles.

Granddaughter of Rasbull Semtex. The No.1 stock cock at Rasbull Lofts.

Sire is Rasbull Super B - direct son of Superbreedster 005 who is Dam/GrandDam to 2nd NPO 660km 13,500 birds, 4th NPO 607km 4,468 birds, 9th NPO 600km 1,943 birds, 1st Tessenderl 14,000 birds 2nd Charleville 1,505 birds, 3rd.Peronne 9,852 birds, 7th National Ace YB 2012. 2nd NPON 400km 8,447 birds, 4th NPO 470km 2,922 birds, 6th NPO 460km 12,874 birds, 9th NPO 363km 15,158 birds, 1st Deurne 2,863 birds, 1st Heusden-Z. 1,640 birds.

Dam is Rasbull 01 - Dam/G.Dam of winners. No.1 stock hen and daughter of Rasbull Semtex when paired to 2nd Open Yearling Somerset OLR 2013 winning £6,000.

Raced for our test loft Mr and Mrs Winder for 9 races before being brought back for stock purposes at Rasbull Lofts at end of 2018 season.



2nd Club, 180 birds, 7th Federation 2,134 birds - 67 miles - 17T 01449

4th Club, 198 birds - 135 miles - 17T 01449

1st Club, 3rd Federation, 1,609 birds, 2nd Section, 4th National 1,976 birds - 263 miles - 17T 01449



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