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Rasbull Lofts - A.Shepherd & Son

Home of the Rasbull Rockets!





Sire to 4th Club including 5th Federation.

Purchased direct from Jacob Poortvliet, Holland - October 2017. Son out of 5th National Ace Bird Long Distance 2014 & 2015 when paired to 5th National Ace Bird Long Distance 2017.

Sire:- Super Dromer Cock 5th National Ace Bird Long Distance 2014 & 2015. 18th NPO Chatearoux 2,809 birds, 37th NPO Gien 6,022 birds, 79th NPO Sens 8,211 birds, 122nd NPO Chalons 11,319 birds. Half Brother to 'Dyanne Dromer' 4th Ace Bird Hot Spots SCMDPR 2011, Half Brother 'New Diane Dromer' 94th Semi Final SCMDPR.

Dam:- Leentje - 2017 superstar for Jacob Poortvliet, 5th National Ace Bird Long Distance 2017. 1st Provincial Ace Bird 2017, 1st Federation Sens, 3,428 birds, 3rd NPO 5,481 birds, 1st Federation Chateauroux 557 birds, 3rd National Section 2,882 birds, 46th NPO Sens 8,211 birds, 74th Provincial La Louviere 8,004 birds. Half Sister won 1st Training OLR Greece, 1,375 birds, Half Sister won 1st Sens 84 birds, 13th NU 6,040 birds, 1st Fed Federation, Bourges, 217 Birds.


N/A - Purchased direct from Jacob Poortvliet - October 2017



Dam to:-

4th Club, 192 birds, 5th Federation, 1,667 birds, 68 miles - 19A 44931

Grand Dam to:-




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